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Friday, 18 November 2016

Gerry Boland

Today Gerry Boland, the author and poet, visited our class. He read us a lovely story and some funny poems. Take a look at some of the poems he helped us write together!!
Can you write your own poem titled 'A letter of the alphabet'?


  1. The 'O' Poem
    O is for the Orange that's rotting in a tree,
    O is for the Octopus who has a hairy knee,
    O is for the Olive that's juicy and green,
    O is for the Ostrich that I see in all my dreams.

    1. The g poem
      G is for goat that ran up the hill,
      G is for gorilla that was so angry,
      G is for grapes that someone ate,
      G is for glue that was so great

  2. The B poem
    B is for ball that walk in a house,
    B is for baby did a somersault,
    B is for bone that the cat ate,
    B is for boss that stapled a sheep.

  3. The a poem by Aoife Byrne
    a is for apple that falls of a tree
    a is for aoife as cute as can be
    a is anna that is in frozen
    a is for alana that is my cousin

  4. The s poem by Martyna
    S is for a snowman who went to the town hall.
    S is for Santa that fell down the chimney with a lot of present`s.
    S is for Stephanie who is nice.
    S is for Severija who is very kind.

  5. The M poem by severija
    M is for maths that mum that likes it
    M is for moss that I walk on
    M is for Martyna that is my bff
    M is for my that is

  6. Maryum

    i is for dry ink
    i is for malting igloo
    i is for ice cream cold as snow
    i is for the cake with on iceing at all