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Thursday, 2 June 2016

We've been busy in Room 23!

We have all been practising very hard with our Ukulele over the past few weeks.
We learned the chords of C and G to play the song “Rocky Mountain”

Of course, some of the girls made their First Holy Communion in the past few weeks. We had a very special day that day with all our families in the Cathedral.

Room 23 have started dance with Edel every Monday after lunch. Edel has all the latest tunes for us to dance to.

During the month of May, we learned the importance of good hygiene and washing our hands regularly. We were proud to see that Room 23 had the cleanest hands in all of Second Class!!

Keeping our hands clean helps to stop any nasty bugs or bacteria from getting into our bodies and making us sick.

Most recently, we gave paper weaving a go during one of our Art lessons. We found it very tricky at first but we quickly got the hang of it once we saw the pattern.

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